....the poor quality of pre-season's amazing how things evolve. I remember when pre-season was when teams got ready for the season and evaluated talent. They were little more than scrimmages. But then the owners got greedy and unhappy about the difficulty selling tickets to these they compelled season ticket holders to buy them. And after a long off season, the fan base being so hungry for football, made sense to take the money available from the national tv revenues (pre season games used to just be on local channels or not at all). because people have to buy tickets to these warmups/talent evaluations, and because they are being televised....we have to worry about the quality of them. Really? They don't count.....did someone forget that? They have another purpose.

You can make a case that players are in better shape then they used to be, and that they work out year round to say that maybe 4 games is more than is needed for players to get tuned up and coaches to make decisions.....but it shouldn't be about the quality of these games.