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    god we are pathetic

    emvarassing as hell.

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    No balls what so ever........ANOTHER p*ss poor performance on both sides of the ball

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    We look so BLUH. Like this game means nothing. Eli is making dumb throws.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Giantslb66 View Post
    No balls what so ever........ANOTHER p*ss poor performance on both sides of the ball
    What was the other one?
    No one remembers who came in second.

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    Didn't say they can't come back in the second......but did you miss the Cincy game? First half of the Tampa game? 2nd half of last Redskins game? There's 3 for you. Hopefully they make the right adjustments and play real football in the second half.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jomo View Post
    What was the other one?
    take your pick

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    It's still early people, 2 1/2 qts to play. We need the D to settle down & get a few TOs & we'll be right back in it. Have faith.

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    Right now we need a redzone td....oh look, first down shotgun draw from the 20. good work gilbride...

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    take points!

    Field-goal makes it two score game. Or look at it this way, one fewer possession you need the second half. Way to show up for only the biggest game of the year

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    I wish from time to time our QB would try & run for the 1st down. Oh well, I am just a foolish dreamer. Understand people, that the team you are watching play Atlanta today is awful. If you are expecting a miraculous 2nd half comeback then at halftime rush to your local beerstore & purchase a 12 pack of their most potent Ale. You will need it.

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