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Thread: Eli's Fantasy Play can Kill your Season!

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    yea I wasn't trying to sound like a jerk or anything. but there are plenty of "fantasy football QB's" to choose from. Plus FF is all about matchups. I won my championship using three different QB's the whole season. I had Decker as well. Guys been a stud the last few games!

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    Yeah Decker was great value. Peyton and his white receivers... gotta love it.

    With Eli, I just couldn't believe how bad he was down the stretch.. I think he had four games where he scored less than 5 points? That's Lindley territory.

    Anyway, Doug Martin was the real reason I crashed out of that league. The Bucs getting blown out and having to abandon the run was not something I'd considered to be a possibility. Frustrating.
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