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    Quote Originally Posted by njg85m View Post
    I agree that it is a weak reason to attack the Cowboys as a franchise. No argument from me there. Even though IMO OP is correct that it is pretty sad that a guy was on the sidelines who just killed his team mate, I personally would not have made the thread OR used it as a reason to bash Dallas as a whole.
    However, that's not what I said to you was it?

    Please address my actual statement that you quoted if you are going to respond to me at all.

    I responded to the fact that you are frequenting a rival teams forums and telling them to worry about their own team. Seriously, it doesn't get more hypocritical and ironic then that.
    lol, uh i do believe i did reply to your actual statement that was quoted/bolded. re read

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moke View Post
    There are stupid fans everywhere, not just New York.
    Except most of them are from New York.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SlyFoxx View Post
    So you have to be from Texas to be a Cowboy fan? Do you HAVE to be stupid to be a Giants fan? Sooo many questions left to answer, so little time.
    you must be a giants fan by posting that comment....

    think about it for a little

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    Quote Originally Posted by ProfessorCrue View Post
    lol, uh i do believe i did reply to your actual statement that was quoted/bolded. re read
    lol, uh, no you actually didn't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rusty192 View Post
    Except most of them are from New York.

    Now now, New York is a very popular place and very populated. The percentages are skewed. We need electoral college.

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    So, let me ask all of you a simple question, plz answer truthfully, don't make up BS answers. You are out drinking with your best bud, a few hrs later, both hammered, and knowing full well you shouldn't D & D, you still do, a few minutes later your car is trashed & upside down, & your best friend is dead due to your irresponsible decision, you are tested by LEOs & are declared intoxicated over the limit & charged with vehicular manslaughter, arrested & then make bail.........do you still have a job with your employer, with full pay & bennies & allowed to step foot at your place of employment due to your dead friend's mom requesting that your employer do so?

    Who runs the Cowboys organization? Jerry Jones or the dead players mom! That she chooses to forgive him is irrelevant! His actions cost another man's life & the Cowboys sent the wrong message by allowing him to be on the sidelines yucking it up with his teammates like nothing ever happened.

    I'm sure if he had drunkenly shot his friend/teammate to death, then it be a totally different story. But we all know cars are less lethal & dangerous than bullets. So he gets a pass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ntegrase96 View Post
    It was Jerry Brown's mom's wish for the Cowboys to take care of Brent.

    Should he be on the sidelines? No and it sends the wrong message. But I think this was a humanitarian decision to honor the wishes of Jerry Brown's mother.

    I agree with this. Probably would have been better to stash him in a booth or something....

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    You have made your self righteous feelings known already. Go beat your self...umm dead horse some place else. Two men got into that car and both are equally culpable for the result. One just happened to get off easier. It's a test now. Which one is it?

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    Self righteous? Nope, I just chose never to poison my body with drugs, nicotine nor alcohol & have zero tolerence for those that abuse any of those 3 poisons & go out & get someone killed due to their garagantuan lack of judgement & responsibility!

    Can't answer my question, don't bother responding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ProfessorCrue View Post
    are you really this stupid? lol. you must be so ill be nice n helpful. i been a Cowboys fan going on over 35 yrs now and nope i am not from texas. i suggest you stick to your bieber crowd
    Why are you a Dallas Cowboys fan? You vile malignant excuse for a human being.

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