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    Win or Lose, In or Out; Who do you want out of here next season?

    I'm sorry but I'm sick and tired of seeing one of Tuck or Osi care to make an important play once in a blue moon. It's tiring, people here have commented they no longer have the passion, so why keep them? The Kraken is dead.

    The OL needs a major facelift. When you see the opposing DL push our OL players like that, and our OL creates holes the size of a marble, heads need to roll. Turnstile Diehl needs to hang 'em up.
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    It seems as though they need to rebuild their DL with new DE's and at least one CB. The entire OL except for Beatty should be upgraded.

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    Agree, it hurts but Osi and Tuck have nothing left in the tank.
    I also expect new bold in our K position, looks like Tynes has a tired leg...

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    yea they really can't ignore the o-line anymore now. the only really above average one they have is snee and he's up there in age.

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    The 2 major areas they need to focus on are OL and DL without a doubt. With only a couple of obvious exceptions, these 2 units got old right in front of our eyes. I really like Beatty, and even Booth isn't terrible, but Snee is almost done, Diehl is DEFINITELY done, and Baas is probably getting there, if only because of his injury history.

    JPP isn't going anywhere, Austin is a walking injury, Canty, when healthy, is still really good, Joseph is ok, Osi should probably go. Tuck, I think, needs a smaller role at this point, but they'd never cut him outright.

    If you get consistent production from both of these areas, everything else will definitely fall into place. This team has a ton of young talent

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    I'd rather keep Osi than keep Tuck at this point. Tuck is really not showing his true colors. Osi still has a year in the tank honestly.

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    I'm agreeing with reestablishing the o-line and d-line. That should be priority.
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    I want to say Perry, but I think the real issue might be underachievers on defense.
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    I want Te'o next season, is that too much to ask

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    1. Fewell
    2. Tuck
    3. Baas
    4. Diehl
    5. Boothe
    6. Osi
    7. Austin
    8. Snee
    9. Gilbride
    10. Bernard
    11. Rolle
    12. Webster
    13. Tryon

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