we only lost because of one play. SF is really really lucky to escape! Even though we are dissapointed a lot of us were smirking that the best defense in the leauge gave up 28 points so easily and looked like a bunch of fools. with kapernick they are a different team than the one you beat but we are still very confident against them. Infact NE fans want a rematch as soon as possible because Belichick will take away their only advantage the next time we play them.

Remember learn from your mistakes and never lose the competitive spirit to win. A lot of you make fun of Tom brady and call him names and that's is fine but at the end of the day i can honestly say he is more of a man than most quarterbacks in this league. He has proved it by leading them back against the toughest defense.

tell you team to remember who they are! I sincerely want a rematch between giants and patriots and i am not trying to troll anymore.