Coming into the year and throughout it the "tough schedule" excuse has been worn out and holds no merit. Looking at the schedule up until this point the Giants have beat the "perceived" tougher opponents and lost to the "perceived" weaker squads. Taking division opponents out of the equation this is how their key wins/losses stack up:

W - Niners (dominated the perceived toughest team in the NFC)
L - Steelers (loss to an injury stricken Steelers team at home)
L - Bengals (loss to a Bengals team that had lost the 4 previous games)
W - Packers (win against a Packers team that had won the 5 previous games and continued to win the next 3)
W - Saints (win against an up and down Saints team)
L - Falcons (dominated by the Falcons who many, experts included, saw as a weaker opponent)

Welcome to the NFL gents......toss your expectations and predictions out the window....forget what the records and perceived schedule looks like.....especially with the Giants who are Jekyll and Hyde year in and year out......

Whatever happens from this point in the year on would not surprise me in the least bit.