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    Nothing that a game winning streak wouldn't fix.

    Ok, it's a reach but there is the chance!

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    six wins in a row oughta do it.
    the "realist" is a lazy piece of crap that works on his tan while sipping a margarita,
    the pessimist changes the sails while complaining about the lazy piece of crap,
    and the optimist changes the sails while hoping the lazy piece of crap will start to do his share of the work.

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    Well, we did it last year, but Eli has to take his purse off and start ignoring the bull**** Killdrive is feeding him...

    Quote Originally Posted by Mercury View Post
    We need a tight end,
    repeat, again and again
    ToadofSteel's mantra.

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    a win might stop the bleeding....
    but i don't know if it will heal the wound.
    i hate these 2nd half collapses.....

    i just can't figure out if we are lazy under-achievers...
    or lucky over-achievers that got the right bounces at the right time.

    we run the gambit from dominators to doormats.

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    when the aliens finally come to conquer us ....
    i hope that their weapons of choice are Gibsons and Fenders

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