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I sorta agree. We've seen the Cowboys succeed before to fall flat on their faces many times. The latest being in 2009 when the Vikings wiped the floor with us.

But the difference between that Cowboys team and this Cowboys team is how they're winning. The Cowboys aren't even close to being perfect, but they're fighting their butts off. This team should be losing for sure, but we're getting uncanny bounces that we haven't seen in a long time, plays made at the right times (Marcus Spears got a freaking sack yesterday!).

We've lost Lee. We've lost Carter. We've even lost their best back up for probably a few weeks with Ernie Sims going out early against the Steelers, and yet guys just seemingly keep stepping up to fill the void. This team is just playing with the heart we haven't seen from them in a long time.

It's like you put it in another post in this thread, although I'm fairly certain you didn't mean it in the same way... it's magic.

Do I think they'll go on and make a run? Not really. But I can't be mad about that. This team is ill equipped to win against tougher competitors. It's not impossible, but it's improbable for sure.
I guess we'll have to see then. They have a lot to prove to everybody after winning only one playoff game in 20 years.

Like I said: show me, Romo. And I'll believe it.