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    Giants defensive PFF ratings

    DL Jason Pierre-Paul 25.4
    DB Stevie Brown 4.4
    DL Linval Joseph 4.1
    DB Kenny Phillips 3.5
    DL Chris Canty 3.2
    DB Will Hill 2.7
    LB Jacquian Williams 2.3
    DL Rocky Bernard 2.2
    LB Spencer Paysinger 1.9
    DB Michael Coe 1.8
    DL Osi Umenyiora 0.8
    DL Adrian Tracy
    DB Tyler Sash -0.5
    DB Prince Amukamara -1.7
    DL Marvin Austin -2.2
    DB Antrel Rolle -2.4
    DL Justin Tuck -2.7
    LB Mark Herzlich -2.7
    DB Justin Tryon -3.3
    DL Markus Kuhn -4.1
    LB Keith Rivers -4.5
    LB Mathias Kiwanuka -4.6
    LB Michael Boley -6.9
    DB Corey Webster -9.9
    DB Jayron Hosley -11.3
    LB Chase Blackburn -12.7

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    lol i love the gap between JPP and stevie brown...

    this lacks illustration comparable to our atrocious game.

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    In this salary cap driven league, you can't have guys making big money performing like this and expect to compete. Boley, Tuck, Webster, Kiwanuka, Rolle are overpaid and underperforming. You win by having many underpaid guys performing well like Will Hill and Stevie Brown. Unfortunately we don't have enough of those guys.

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    How did Kenny Phillips get a rating? I thought he was out...

    Or is this season-to-date ratings?

    Either way, proves that JPP pretty much IS our defense...

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.

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    This is all season, no way someone could amass a 25 rating in a single game. Plus, JPP was hardly impressive yesterday.

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    Could I get a link for this? I can't believe Stevie Brown only has a 4.4 rating. I feel as though 7 picks would be good for a higher rating than that. Is he getting burned that often?

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.

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    You need a $30 subscription for site access. These are year to date ratings.

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    Lol you are wasting $30...I refuse to believe Blackburn is the worst rated defender on our defense. I watch him make huge plays and even the announcers are taking notice of how good he has been playing. I think Boley has been struggling bad this season.

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    Tmurda1984 don't be so ignorant about something you don't know much about. You only see the good plays Blackburn makes. PFF sees every play.

    I used the stats, which are incredible, for fantasy football matchups and went 10-3 this year in a big money league. It was a very good investment.

    And besides that, PFF provides customized stats to many NFL teams including the Giants.

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    wow this depicts whats wrong with the D. Tuck and Osi should be graded HIGHER than JPP with all the double/triple teams JPP gets tht gives them constant 1 on 1s. i cant remember the last time a team doubled osi or tuck, smh

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