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Past doesn't mean much right now, does it?

Lets just look at the teams in question.

One has an aging Offensive Line, a Defensive Line that can't seem to do anything this year despite getting paid a ton of money and being anointed amazing, and a QB who is the only thing going for them and he isn't getting any younger while the competition is.

The other hand, you have a team with a 2 Rookie QBs, a Rookie RB, and a young offensive line who's let them run all over the team above this year. Along with that young team, is a young offensive coordinator who's quietly putting together a hell of a balanced team that no one wants to talk about. Its the same guy who helped build the Texans Offense into what it is before leaving.

To be fair actually, both teams have a Rookie RB, except one had a single good game against a ****show of an opponent and was announced as a great back here, while the other has led Rookies all year in rushing despite no one talking about him. The former was the one wasted with a 1st round pick too.
true all that matters is the present, and we're still better than you