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Much Bigger...

Elway, 6' 3", and 220 lbs
RG3, 6' 2", and 217 lbs

How exactly does that equate to a "Much bigger" guy. Hes almost the same exact size as RG3. The fact is that everyone thinks RG3 is Vick, they automatically consider them the same size. Not even close.

A few more stats, Elway had 774 rushes in his career (43 Rush TDs). That is quite a few. Steve Young had 722 (33 Rush TDs), also quite a few. They weren't simply pocket passers like you think they were. Both extended plays with their feet often.

Who told you the Wildcat was an every down system? The Read Option is at least 2, and often a 3 down system that works, its shown it on the field. The Wildcat was nifty, and is still used once and a while by teams but its a completely different animal.

The Read Option (especially in Pistol) keeps the QB as the QB, and lets him choose what he wants to do. Something that requires a specific skill set to accomplish well. The Wildcat can be run by some QBs, but is often run by WR/RBs like Brad Smith.

Simply because something is new to the NFL, or re-establishing itself does not mean it is automatically going to be solved in a year. Defenses sure hope so, but its not so simple. If it is, explain how a defense is going to do it? Hitting the QB isn't going to work. You have to have a plan to stop the plays, not a single player.
In his day Elway was playing against smaller players than today. Players are much bigger and faster today. 774 rushes in a 16 year career works out to about three rushes per game. RG3 ran the ball 120 times this year. That is about 8 rushes per game. I hope he continues to run it as he wont last and the Skins will once again be a bottom feeder as they have been for the past 20 years or so.