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    Practice Report: Prince Looks Good


    Excerpt: "Cornerback Prince Amukamara tested his hamstring on Wednesday and appeared to be moving well during the media portion of practice.

    Amukamara did not play on Sunday during the Giants' 34-0 loss to the Falcons.

    Safety Kenny Phillips (knee) was also on the field during the media portion. "We feel he is rested and ready to contribute," coach Tom Coughlin said.

    Phillips has missed the past two games with an MCL injury, but said on ESPN New York 98.7 on Tuesday that he will definitely be on the field in Baltimore. " Read more...
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    Great news!

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    Thanks RF! We definitely need him, KP, and Bradshaw to get these two wins.

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    Awesome! Already our secondary is heavily boosted.

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.

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    Great news.

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    Having these guys get back on the field will be great. Hopefully they can not get too overworked and get even healthier for the Eagles and Postseason (unless we lay another egg Sunday).

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    very good news ....we need Prince , KP and Bradshaw back on Sun .......with them we can make the playoffs ........without them ...i doubt it
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    Great news. Easily the best corner we have when healthy. Yes, I said it... he's better than Webster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moke View Post
    Great news. Easily the best corner we have when healthy. Yes, I said it... he's better than Webster.
    you're better than Webster.
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    Awesome news

    Hope Amukamara brings it!

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