Excerpt: "The good news is that last weekís win not only broke that nasty 7-game losing streak but it was accomplished with major contributions from its young players.

If there is any silver lining to that lengthy IR list, it is the opportunities being taken advantage of by some of the talented youngsters on the team.

Washington has their own problems, none more so than at the most critical of positions, quarterback. The Giants already blew them on the road. If Washington wasnít such a mess, this might be considered a revenge game, but they are more about getting this season over with than making any kind of a statement.


This new-look Eli Manning passing offense is giving him so many open receivers that itís a crime he had to struggle to find even one in last yearís complicated scheme. Manning has even gotten Reuben Randle into the 50+ club and that is really saying something.

A lot of what is going right now with this offense is the by-product of what Odell Beckham is bringing to the table. It cannot be overstated how much Beckham, while making everything he is doing look incredibly easy, is opening up spaces for his fellow receivers to find.

Beckham is the reason to watch this offense. In a league brimming with world-class athletes, he is dropping jaws every time he steps on the field. Even his pre-game rituals are impressing. He can really do it all, from the spectacular to the mundane, from deep threat to possession guy, and everything in between.

Last weekís relatively clean offensive performance (save for that INT that was just ugly) was aided and abetted by the return of Justin Pugh to the starting lineup.

Pugh was solid in his edge pass blocking. Now, if only the Giants could get their two interior vets Ė center J.D. Walton and right guard John Jerry Ė to find the level of consistency that the younger guys like Pugh and Weston Richburg have found, they might have something.

Ultimately, performance comes down to talent. The two youngsters, both high draft picks, have it. The vets are stopgaps at best. Each would make decent backups on experience alone, but as starters, they leave a lot to be desired, especially in the running game.

Despite the fits and starts up front, it was great to see Andre Williams get his first 100-yard rushing game. He seemed to raise his game a level and needs to maintain that trust he seems to be developing with his eyes and most importantly, his feet. He is starting to run more instinctively, not so much reading but reacting on the move, and that is his biggest key.

The other youngster who needs to see more of the field is tight end Adrien Robinson, if only for his blocking. Robinson is the teamís best blocking tight end and we donít think itís even close. He got the start last week, he blocked well, and needs to continue to get more playing time.


The defense feasted the last two weeks on two wounded offenses, and sure enough, here comes a third one in Washington. Perry Fewellís blitzes have been getting home, but it sure helps that the opponents have both been rookie quarterbacks that were working with inferior talent.

Who will be at quarterback for Washington? Itís still up in the air, but the fact is they donít have a legitimate starting quarterback on the roster. All three are backups, including Robert Griffin III, who has shown that he is nothing without the read option, which requires two good knees. He doesnít even have one.

RGIII is not a pocket passer, but now that his injuries are keeping him there, he is learning how hard it is to become a NFL quarterback when you are short and have so little training in reading defenses and proper technique.

Thus, if you gang up on running back Alfred Morris, and keep a safety high over DeSean Jackson (assuming he plays), you pretty much stop Washington.

Still, with third place on the line if the Giants can win, we donít think they should be as concerned with scheming against Washington as they should be in developing their own kids.

Last week, Damontre Moore, Kerry Wynn and Jay Bromley saw their snap counts significantly increase and that is a good sign. Yes, the injuries have opened things up for all three youngsters, but they are also taking advantage of these opportunities. They each looked good out there.

The best youngster of the bunch however is linebacker Devon Kennard, who frankly should not be taken off the field. Why Jameel McClain remains the every-down backer is just a by-product of playing in the middle, but we think Kennard has the better skill set and is much more the future of this team than McClain.

In the secondary, Mike Harris flashed last week playing the slot. He is a recent pickup who jumped ahead of Jayron Hosley, the latter of whom has been stumbling around for three years. Harris had one sack and just missed on another. We would like to see more of him.

With Zack Bowman demoted in favor of Chykie Brown, we are wondering why Chandler Fenner hasnít gotten even a sniff of the defense? If not now, when? And why isnít safety Nat Berhe on the field more? We would sure like to see some of Berhe against the little that the team gets out of Quintin Demps." Read more...