Hi Everyone,

Well, this team sure feels full of holes. Oline is bad, dline is old, no big time linebacker for how long now? What do the Giants do in the upcoming draft? All I know is whomever comes with our 1st pick, they have to contribute immediately. I don't want to see them starting to show flashes in week 15. They may not have to start but they need to contribute game 1.

I would love to see a big time linebacker. Someone who can assist the line with the rush. I don't follow college foootball very closely but I hear a lot of talk about the guy from Notre Dame, Mantai Taeo. It sounds like he is going really high, like top 10. Could the Giants make a move to get him? Is that possible?

What do you guys think? Let's hear your ideas. Thanks everyone for the time.

Let go, Giants!!!