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its the latter number I am more interested in for Diehl and Tuck. Webster/Rolle will restructure. The problem w/restructuring guys like Baas and Canty is that you are just delaying the hit, and I don't see those guys being viable much longer. Webster has had a terrible year, but I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt given his history. And Rolle has been very good imo. Diehl is well past done, and Tuck is done too.
We just have to free up space for Cruz and then next year for Nicks, and I believe the year after for JPP. all of our other needs are best addressed through the draft b/c you can't get 'good deals' in FA for the DL.
the good news is that cap hit if cut or traded is not so bad almost all of them are in their last 2 years of contract.