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    Giants' Justin Tuck Unsure If He'll Play Sunday, Time For The D-Line To Step Up


    Excerpt: "Justin Tuck is encouraged with what he's seen on film from recent defensive performances against the Ravens. He said he's noticed there are opportunities to get to Joe Flacco and defenses have capitalized. That much he knows. Whether he'll be on the field to take part is another matter.

    "I don't know. We'll see," was how Tuck answered when asked if he will play Sunday.

    Tuck, who hasn't practiced this week with a shoulder injury, repeated the two sentences when asked if he's optimistic.

    His head coach was more so.

    "I think we’ll get him some work tomorrow," Tom Coughlin said. "He’s feeling better every day."

    Tuck and the rest of the Giants defensive line has fielded the series of questions for weeks now. They know the pass rush isn't living up to the lofty, perhaps too lofty, expectations.

    Their various answers have usually centered on the opposing offenses' heightened awareness and effective gameplanning. Now, Tuck thinks it's time that they look at themselves.

    "Maybe we're giving o-lines and offensive coordinators and offenses too much credit," said Tuck, who has just three sacks this season.

    "Honestly, I think we just need to stop worrying about what people are writing, what people say about our pass rush and just get back to beating people up front. I think if you start listening to what people say about 'You're not getting sacks, you're not doing this,' you start trying to look for answers instead of focusing on the answer, which is you beating the guy in front of you." Read more...
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    I'm actually glad he'll be out. He's seemed sluggish lately, and I haven't enjoyed watching him play. Bring in a young buck that's hungry and amped. Tracy or Ojomo will get the job done.

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    More likely gonna see Osi and Kiwi rotating in... you know how this team despises rookies doing anything.

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.

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    this would be good if other players would see more time but all it would do it just prevent them from putting in younger dlinemen tiring the existing ones even more

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toadofsteel View Post
    More likely gonna see Osi and Kiwi rotating in... you know how this team despises rookies doing anything.
    Agree. But in the event Tuck is inactive, who gets activavted?

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    At this point cant help but just get the feeling that it doesnt matter who is in there. Its helpless. I think Fewell sucks too

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    Quote Originally Posted by BklynBlue View Post
    Agree. But in the event Tuck is inactive, who gets activavted?
    Hopefully someone who cares
    Mood: WOOF!

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    maybe that will bring some fire.......
    they need something to make them give crap
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    What happened to this guy? He's become such a disappointment

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    I hope he just sits out and the Giants D-line rips Flacco up. Maybe that will light a fire under his arse and perhaps restablish a sense of pride.

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