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Thread: Bradley Roby

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    Bradley Roby

    I was looking at a mock draft on BleacherReport and it had the Giants taking CB Bradley Roby from Ohio State. I have personally not followed Ohio state this year and never heard of this guy in any other mock draft I've seen. Can someone tell me a little bit about him?

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    Rumors are that he will return to Ohio State for another season in the hopes of a championship run. They did go undefeated this year so I suppose I see where he is coming from. I think he is a 2014 prospect myself.
    3/25/14 - Updated Mock with 5th round comp pick

    1. Anthony Barr, Defensive End, UCLA
    2. Marcus Martin, Center Guard, USC
    3. Anthony Johnson, Defensive Nostril Tackle, LSU
    4. Marcel Jensen, Offensive End, Fresno State
    5. Wesley Johnson, Offensive Any Guard, Vanderbilt
    5. Aaron Colvin, Defensive Halfback, Oklahoma
    6. Storm Johnson, Guy Who Runs With Football, UCF

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    Thanks guys!!

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