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Thread: Trade Nicks!

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    Trade Nicks!

    Build this team around JPP, Eli, and Cruuuuuuuz! Oh, and a healthy Tuck.

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    Re: Trade Nicks!


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    Re: Trade Nicks!

    [quote user="Bluesmash"]Build this team around JPP, Eli, and Cruuuuuuuze! Oh, and a healthy Tuck.[/quote]
    You are not smart

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    Re: Trade Nicks!

    please dont start another thread

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    Re: Trade Nicks!

    Are you the same gut who disowns his 2nd grader for coming in 2nd in a spelling bee?

    Get a grip.

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    Re: Trade Nicks!

    Just a little overexcited

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    Re: Trade Nicks!

    Isn't there a board probationary period where someone can be banned for life?

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    Re: Trade Nicks!

    Do you come with a Muzzle? get neutered in order not to spread the disease....thank you, regards BLUEFLU86

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    Re: Trade Nicks!

    [quote user="Bluesmash"]Just a little overexcited[/quote]
    well next time it happens...go in the corner and bang your head against the wall until you fall. Always works.

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    Re: Trade Nicks!

    Yeah trading your best players makes you a better team. Moron.

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