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    OMFG we now enter the dreaded "REBUILDING" phase of this team

    ...I'm sick over it. We see Dallas "rebuilding," Skins "Rebuilding," Rams "Rebuilding," Eagles "Rebuilding,"...etc and NOW, we have to CLEARLY start the process of a rebuild.

    I dread the next few years as it's clear we need to clean some !J@#%%## house and start....ugh...."Rebuilding." I am now opening a bottle of Vodka to take away the beer buzz. Then going to sleep to forget about this season.

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    We need to clean house we are over paying players who aren't producing, it's time to rebuild in the draft, and get the cap under control...

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    Dallas is average, Eagles are rebuilding, and we may need to as well. Looks like it's Washington's division for a while. Much like it was Philly's when McNabb was young.

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    I'm not sure my heart can take us at the bottom of the NFC East where I fear it's going folks...

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