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    the guys you'd think would be the emotional and vocal leaders can't play football anymore. they're done. so why would the others follow their lead? especially when they're laughing on the sidelines right now? Tuck, Osi, Phillips, Webster, Bradshaw, Diehl cannot play a lick of good football anymore. (I only included KP and Ahmad b/c of the constant injuries). this team as we know it, is done. Tom stays. Maybe he's asked, or feels compelled to change a coordinator or two. but the giants have to get smart about cuts and free agency. and playing rookies! Which Tom doesn't do, but should have a long time ago this season. Colts did it and they're now set for a long time. (I know they played 12 games vs the weaker afc with a 4th place schedule, but they have a good model to follow.)

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    I think you are pretty much right. Our overall drafts have been poor. Add names like Rolle, Boley, and blackburn to that list. Too many over paid and underacheiving players. Need a major overhaul. TC is very loyal though and that can be his down fall.

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    probably why he was booted from Carolina.. if my memory serves

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