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    Re: Played bball with plax and jacobs today

    It is the 10% tithing that gets me. Yeah give me 10% of all your money. **** you!!!

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    Re: Played bball with plax and jacobs today

    [quote user="giantsP28"][quote user="NjErzeY88"][quote user="giantsP28"]

    not to mention the incredible floor shots.

    what a great color carpet


    oh it is, another none believer, i dont feel like uploading the other video so heres more proof

    --- NOTICE THE VAN????

    Keep on doubtinnnnnn[/quote]

    im not doubting at all, really
    i just think the camera work is really terrible and funny, you see them for like .5 seconds hahaha
    its cool that you played with them though

    heres another video.. plax is with the ball in beginning

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    Re: Played bball with plax and jacobs today

    nice musta been fun .. you guys are funny with all the ball breaking

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