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    Fewel is the problem

    Does anybody look like they have a clue what they're doing? BTW Osi is gone. He is the worst defensive end
    in the game

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    Rod Rust re-incarnation.

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    How the hell do you coach Webster?

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    The defense has sucked most of the time under Fewell, only getting good in spurts as a move of desperation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EliIsTheBaas View Post
    How the hell do you coach Webster?
    Webster has been bad...but making your players give 5-10 yard cushions is asking for them to be toast especially when theyre man up defenders

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    Agreed. Second year in a row we've ranked at the bottom of the league. Reese has to take some blame here as well. Can anyone name any young players on this team that will be ready to step and help at the DT position?? Don't say Austin because that guy is the biggest free-loader of them all. Never saw someone so happy to be carted off to the locker room to get looked at.

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    On the defensive side, I would agree... PF is definitely the problem. When every player on the team is bad it is far more likely that the coach is the problem than every single player.

    The offense has been just as bad however, and again I look to coaching. There are some serious issues on this team when you play as poorly as they have. I don't think they are capable of beating any team in the NFL right now. The Eagles might even blow them out.
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    He was average at best in Buffalo..............I never understood the selection

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    So, with whom do we replace Fewell?

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    How many TD's did the Raven have today prior to the end of the 3rd quarter, the offense didn't keep them in the game so they got worn down, how many times did they hold them to a FG?
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