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    Real Reasons why this team isnt any good

    NUMBER 1: THE PLAYERS ARE ABOUT AS OVERRATED AS IT GETS. GUYS LIKE CWEB, BOLEY, TUCK, OSI ARE THE MAJOR CULPRITS. Only players playing well during this horrible stretch are as follows: Chase (however its 50/50 with him), Prince (to my surprise), Canty (also 50/50). Anyone else Im missing? JPP is decent during the strect and thats mainly due to his quadruple teams and stunts to focus plays away from him. Therefore, he doesnt get included in the bad, or the good.

    woops caps

    NUMBER 2: KG; the worst OC since....Well, he takes the cake and Ive seen some horrible ones (specifically ones from college who came to the pros)

    NUMBER 3: Tom Coughlin? Yep, hes partially responsible. His most important job(s) IMO are as follows: make sure ur players are in line and motivated to play, if they aint, they dont play. Hold ur coaching staff responsible for this awful stretch. I dont believe hes done a good job at either; at least I dont think he has. I could be wrong however in that last aspect.

    NUMBER 4: PF: He looks like hes baffled at what goes on when things go wrong. He lacks confidence and the knowledge to make in game adjustments. His game plans are average at best as well. I chose to make him 4 due to his players not be able to execute when given simple assignments and the breakdowns they've had. Not to mention the big plays, those are on the players; as well as lack of tackling.

    Those are my most concerning reasons why the giants are where they are; and thats out of the playoffs.

    I told u so...but no one listened. U want change, U need a disastrous season for that to happen, hopefully we lose next week; this will be enough for the Giants to make some REAL changes.

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    oh, and I only mentioned the defensive players cause I believe that aside from the OLine, the problem is KG. Not Nicks, Not Cruz, Not Bradshaw or Wilson, and NOT ELI. He was able to make magic last year when the pocket was almost always breaking down (dont look at sack totals allowed, its HORRIBLY IS LEADING, LIKE PASSER RATING...I TAKE THAT BACK, NOTHING IS WORSE THAN PASSER RATING STAT). He isnt ablt to do that this year, u cant expect magic every snap, thats not in ELI's forte. U block for him, he guts ur D. Its that simple for me.

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    Good post I agree with you

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    horrible defense, zero pass rush due to empty space being more capable than osi or tuck, bad playcalling, banged up nicks, no offensive line, david diehl, david diehl, etc

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