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    Absolutly Disgusting!!!

    This game was not only disgusting put pathetic!! Two weeks in a row now we have been blown out of games. the OL and the DL is to blame. Eli can not complete passes when he is on his back. If you want my oppinion, the players that should not be let go next year is eli and the receiving core. they are not to blame for the collaspe. the defense cannot stop teams from putting points on the board, and the offensive line cannot protect eli. I think that the only player that has remained consistant all year is Victor Cruz,and I pray that the giants organization does the right thing and re-signs him. In my mind he is the only player is underpaid on the team.

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    Pathetic is the word that I kept mumbling all night, and disgusted is how I feel right now

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    I just started laughing.. that way I don't get mad and let it ruin my night

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    "There is winning and there is Misery"

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    Watching sf get toasted...kind of makes me feel a lot better. Our team is old and hurt but they got the last shiny one in the case.

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    "There is no comfort in the truth"

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