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    Its hard to stomach a quitter

    Loose a tough, hard fought, slugfest.... I can live with that.

    But watching a group of ex-champs roll over and quit just turns my stomach.

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    Me too.....I hate losing....but losing with pride and dignity I can live with...this was sickening.

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    certainly don't look like defending champs.

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    DITTO !!!!!!!!

    Most of the players on this team are FAT N LAZY QUITTERS !!!!!! Really disgusting watching these bozos give up. I am ashamed to be a Giants fan now !!

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    If there was at least one facet of the team (Offense or defense), I'd be more than willing to defend them. Last season, when the offense couldn't do **** with the Redskins, the defense at least played well.

    Last week? This week? A ****ing joke!

    This team is better off getting a high draft pick then trying to get into the playoffs. They would be better off losing to the Eagles, and I ****ing despise the Eagles!
    For a Giant fan that I personally knew: My mom. May she smile and be delighted whenever her favorite player - Victor Cruz - scores a touchdown and does his salsa dance.

    Thank you mom for everything! Let's Go Giants!

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