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    Food for thought

    I am a die hard yankees fan and giants fan. I was born in new york, but had to move to florida when I was a kid. After sleeping off that disappointing loss I though about something. I am spoiled. the giants have won two superbowls in 4 years and I expect it every year. Living in florida I dont get to go to the games and that makes it very hard for me. But the florida teams suck! I never hear a bucs fan complain half as much as us giants fan do. I am and will forever be a giants fan!!! The way I see it, as long as they keep their core players together like nicks,cruz, and eli, we will make a run at it again next year. Go Blue! Merry Christmas Giants fans

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    you cannot compare the Giants organization to a team like those nasty Miami fish...

    its like comparing the Giants to the Jets because they are from the same city.

    Yes, there are teams that have it worse than us but as a Giants fan we expect greatness...

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    I agree. I expect them to win every year, but in reality that just cant happen. Now dont get me wrong, there is no excuse for the two blowouts we have had. I guess as a fan you have to take the good with the bad.

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