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    Philly Fan Tried To Fight Me Last Night After Supporting Eli "GOAT" Manning

    So I went to the bar last night and everything escalated quickly.

    I had a Giants hat on and he asks me "Who do you think got the East this year, Eagles or Cowboys?". I go "My Giants. They aren't getting any credit and will have one of the best offenses in the NFL. Eli is so underrated these days."

    The guy goes "You gotta be ******** me man. That guy has down symdrome. How can you still support him". I go "Well he won us 2 superbowls and is a winner. Let me guess, he got lucky right?"

    Here, he stands up and calls me a "****** idiot". I stand up myself and tell him "Zero superbowls mother******"

    Dude pushes me and I just keep laughing because he was so scrawny and drunk. This random guy immediately held him back and that was it.

    Moral of the story: Philly fans suck again
    INB4 "Coolstorybro"

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    not really, i read it.

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    That sucks

    Married to the message board mafia leader.

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    I had a good week of practice!
    Sports is some serious business.....

    P.S- ***** philly

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    Be careful you can get hurt over nonsense. I know you want to say something but don't let anybody bait you. Idiots are everywhere side step them when you can. You are absolutely right nobody has noticed how close we are. Our offense can be a monster this season. One more good OL that's the key.

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