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    Brandon Jacobs... Greatest Giant ever!

    With the most superbowl rings and rushing touchdowns of any Giant. Brandon Jacobs is the Greatest Giant ever.

    Brandon battled though injury his entire career. One of the draw-backs to living life as a human battering-ram. But his most overlooked skill is exacly why the Giants are failing this year. Pass-blocking. In 2011, Eli was able to scorch blitzing defenses with a back field 260 pound lineman! Yea, Brandon Jacobs could also go down as the greatest pass-blocking running back ever! Think about opposing defenses for a moment, now would you blitz a 210 pound safety or a 250 pound linebacker into a back field containing one mean Brandon Jacobs? The same back that leveled you the play before for a 4 yard gain. Lets suffice that Eli had more time to throw the ball down field when the battering-ram was willing to step infront of ANY guy coming free.

    There is more to football than just on the field. Brandon was a passionate about his team mates and winning. He is the only Giant to take a paycut twice! To keep a guy that started ahead of him! The second time lead to a Superbowl. But in case you missed it. Brandon knew the Gaints didn't have the cap room to keep him and were going to release him at the end of the season. What could be the last years of the bruising running back carreer could be lengthened by sitting out some games in 2011. But that didn't happen, Brandon played hurt all year long. And when it mattered most, gave his body up for the Giants.

    But he also gave us his mouth too. One of my favorate moments was 2011, a season winding down, and a Giants team once again playing dissappointing football. The opposing trash-talking New York Jets Coach Rex Ryan crossed trails with one Brandon Jacobs. In my opinion Brandon is also the most passionate Giant ever. So when he stood up to the bully, "Time to shut the **** up, Fat boy!" every Giant silently stood behind him.

    We miss you Brandon. And we know you miss us too. One day we will raise your number 27. Till then know your an inspiration for every man that does the dirty work, for the greater purpose.

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    When i read this I thought it was retarted, but after reading it you have a slight point. Miss jacobs

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    Greatest Giant ever? I don't know. I think you mean to say he has great Giants passion, which he does.

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    Can't get rid of that stack of Jacobs jerseys?
    Change the name to Brown.

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    Cannot find an argument to your pass protection points... I have to agree with that part big time!!!!

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    Not even on the top 10, though I liked him alot.
    No one remembers who came in second.

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    I'm not even sure if he's the greatest Giants RB ever. However, you make some very good points. He was a great Giant and underappreciated.
    Do not feed the trolls.

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    One thing about Jacobs and Bradshaw, they feed off of each other. Between the two of them, they always seemed to come up with a play during the game to fire up the entire team.... Sometimes that was Bradshaw refusing to go down and picking up an extra five yards, or BJ just trucking somebody.

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    There was a lot of venom on the MB about BJ...I loved his spirit and was disappointed the NYG couldn't work things out with him...misss you, BJ....

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