Should the Giants just do whatever it takes to get this guy? Last year the Cowboys traded up from 14 to 6 to pick a player who they thought would be a superstar in Claibourne. The Giants will most likely pick 18-20 and could use their 2nd to get into the top 10. Some people want to say that MLBs aren't worth that high of a pick but I beg to differ. Te'o could instantly step in and make a HUGE impact on this defense. He is a great leader with the ability to not only stop the run, but also cover the pass well. Plus is he a playmaker as he proved this year by almost winning the Heisman!

The Giants are sorely missing a man to hold down the middle and have been for years. Chase Blackburn is horrible in pass coverage but according to PFF he's even worse against the run. Te'o would solve this problem.