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    Giants to send off Vick with a career day NFL single game completion record....

    Well who would bet against it ?

    A chance to send off Vick with a resounding thumping, a chance to put all the previous losses right, sending him packing into retirement....

    However its more likely to be Vick hits the headlines after having a record day passing the ball....

    I shudder to think what PF is cooking up for this one, everyone said the giants would bounce back for the last game, they didnt...

    Bet your bottom dollar the Eagles are well up for this one play offs or no play offs, Don't think the Giants will show up though.....

    GIANTS, prove me wrong, please....

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    I could see it go either way. Imo it depends on how the game starts.

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    Vick Is auditioning for a new team next year. Giants get smoked ... AGAIN. Sheesh, when it rains, it pours.

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    Well, seeing how the Giants quit playing about a month or so ago.... and they are apprently running on fumes in the pride department, I could see the Eagles putting a whooping on the Giants. The thought makes me a little ill however.....

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    I predict 3 hundred yard rushers, McCoy, Brown, & Vick.

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