Thought so. I hate being right but he needs to be replaced. Giants playmakers arent taking 10 yard plays for 80 yard tds anymore and the league has easily shut our offense down and Killdrive has no clue how to fix the problem. He has only been coaching for how many years???? He needs guys on offense to bail him out like Cruz did all last year or nicks did in the playoffs. This team couldnt go 80 yards down the field methodically as the offense is built for hope and pray plays down the field. I am beyond frustrated with this offense and the lack of being able to make a simple play or get a couple of first downs. Why is the browns offense better then ours ? KC's offense is probably better then ours. Players or System ???.
Its funny Baltimore and Atlanta seemed to have an idea on offense what they will run and to attack certain players or when to call plays vs our blitzes or whatever. Do you ever get the sense we have a single plan on offense to attack other teams ?? It is almost like we have no plan.... Judging by the body of work our offense cant even get a first down. Do you ever see Brady or Brees or whoever have that much difficulty ? win or loose it doesnt matter the fact that we are incapable of making a first down is scarry. We had what 180 yards most of them garbage yards and 1 play that got us 43 yards which was a hope and pray throw up in the air ?? seriously that is alarming. Ravens defense isnt the same ravens defense of old but of course we made them look like the 85 bears.

I think we need to get rid of the OC bigtime and get some new idea and get rid of this down field passing cr ap. Its not working. Dallas I think exposed us on this and provided the blue print on how to stop our offense.