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Thread: Killdrive lovers part 150 where are you ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigBlue wins View Post
    No, but its KG's fault for calling as many shotgun draws as he does. If it doesn't work, stop using it!
    He's not perfect, but I'll take him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gmen0820 View Post
    The shotgun draw on 3rd and 1 is predictable, but that means nothing. If any defense gears up to stop it, Eli will just burn them over the top. The predictability means absolutely nothing, and the fact that they spread the field only displays a lack in confidence with the OL. We can't line up, hat on a hat, and just overpower a team for one yard, we need to get them in a nickel defense and hopefully create a crease for the back to get through.
    Multiple times this year our pass rush has been burned by an efficient short passing game.
    I can't believe Eli can not be as good at this, as anyone in the league if it was incorporated
    into the playbook early in the season (or better yet the off season).

    I realize gilbride could not have known that Nicks would be injured all season
    (although he has been out a lot, so he could have guessed), which took away a huge
    part of his scheme. But I for the life of me can not believe he did not know his O-line
    was going to be barely adequate and that is was one (maybe 2) injury away from horrible.

    I keep asking, but no one answers as to what GB did to try an alleviate that situation??
    It seemed to me the plan was

    1. Max protect with only TE/RB's that can not block.
    2. Play one and a half top tier receivers and multiple unknowns @ 3rd (cept Hix, who did very well).
    3. Never pass to RB's unless already under complete pass rush duress.

    What I don't get is if you have multiple injuries and the scheme is not working.
    Why not take huge chances on something else and see what happens.

    I'm not going to argue that many of the players underperfromed, but the
    number of them can not be fixed by next year. Are GB supporters telling me
    this organization is going to do everything exactly the same as this year,
    hoping to god that the players can execute next year. No backup plan
    just in case? If that's so, it's just ridiculous. No successful business
    would ever run with that plan, especially when that plan has already failed them.

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    I am not a crazy Gilbride hater, he's been a good OC. However the stretches this season where our offense has had a basic inability score TD's in the redzone, not be able to compete in shootouts, and the last two weeks not do anything at all...should all have KG looking in the mirror. Regardless of whether it's more of an execution problem, gameplan, or scheme problem, it's his job as the OC to take a long look at it this offseason and fix it. An offense that has this much talent, and this qb, should not be failing to compete in shootouts or have the output they've had the last two weeks. It's mind-boggling.

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    lot of people must of missed the article on the coordinators seeking answers.....15 games into the season and the OC/DC are just now figuring out that there is a problem. With Bubba Gump "PF" and Killdrive leading the way..it's a wonder we got 2 rings off these circus freaks(Granted Pf was only with one but I consider him to be Sheridan 2.0 and the only thing differentr is his skin complexion). TC is just here to yell at the sideline and throw challenge flags.

    It's gonna be a long time before us giants fans know what it's like to consistantly have 13-3. 12-4, 11-5 seasons but I will tell you this....you'll never see it happen with this freak show leading the charge...and the sad thing is...Eli's talent clock is ticking down....TICK TOCK TICK TOCK

    If PF and KG staying on this teams only holdup is TC wants them to stay...then he needs to go too. I love TC but if that's the scenario....then he's part of the problem..not the solution.

    Furthermore...I don't know where Reese stands in all this...apparently he only worries about the draft and then blindly trusts everything else will work itself out...way to go buddy...way to see it through! I guess making the tough business decisions (Either your productive or your dead weight) is not on your agenda...it's not that hard, you just simply tell that person he no longer has a job anymore...in this economy it's a pretty common thing now-a-days. Don't mind us fans we're just a meaningless part of the equation.

    A meaningless fan apparently

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mercury View Post
    The offense was putrid this year, however, I defend KG. We have often been a top 10 offense with him as our OC, and he's a big part of why we won 2 SBs. I think our problems are execution of the plays that are called. I'd start with the Oline. It's been patched for too many years. They need a real infusion of talent this off-season. Add in the injuries to key players such as: Locklear, Bradshaw, Snee, and Nicks, and you have an offense that can't execute the play called, whatever the play is. No need to stack the box, because we can't run. Double Cruz, and no one else can be relied on to convert a third down. Those are the real issues with the offense, not KG.
    my problem is the lack of adjustment. If you can't pass protect, call more timed three step drops and BANG get the ball out. 5 yards at a time adds up......

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