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    The New York Giants Mock

    I know the season technically isn't over and we still have not solidified drafting spot but here are the guys I think the Giants should target in the draft.

    1. Sheldon Richardson DT - Plain and simple we need a pass rusher on the inside. our pass rush is too easily negated by QB just stupping up in the pocket. we need our the pocket to look more like a "W" than a "U" (if you understand what I'm saying.)

    2. Alec Ogletree ILB- I think this guy fits exactly what Fewell wants from his LBs. He's long, very athletic, sideline to sideline speed, and a former safety that has great coverage skills as a MLB to stay in on 3rd downs.

    3. Jake Matthews RT- This guy is exactly what the Giants look for in o lineman. Length, agility, smarts, and between 300-310 lbs. Great blocker and has great bloodlines.

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    I'd be happy with Richardson in the 1st if Ansah's not available.

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    I definetly see Richardson shooting up to 10-15 like fletcher cox last year....

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