- Dwilson + A. Brown at RB.
- Nicks healthy with an improved R.Randle as the 3rd WR. Prob bring M. Bennett back if its a decent contract
- A new OT via draft or FA to replace Diehl. Somehow our line was dominant when he was gone and horrible when he came back. Hard to say its all on one guy but it sure looks like that


- I feel like maybe Kiwi>Tuck at DE so Id like to see him there and maybe have Tuck as that 3rd pass rusher
- Webster and Canty's overpaid contracts cut
- And via draft/FA I''d like to see a big run stuffing DT, stud rookie LB that can play the run and a CB. I feel like Prince and Hosely will both continue to get better and will prob be our cbs of the future. And between Rolle, S.Brown and Phillips (who could leave in FA i think) our safeties are fine