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    How great/funny would it be to win the SB from this point

    lol. everyones counting us out and saying we dont even deserve it. 75% of the fan base feels the same. the odds are astronomically stacked against us...and guess what, thats exactly how 07 and '11 went...

    people would almost be mad I bet were we to win it all. Eh I dunno. If we started playing like we did vs GB and SF I think people would just go "they turned it on." lmao...

    I remember wanting to place 1000 on the giants wiinning the sb in 07 and '11 literally i wanted to, but i guess anyone can say that hindsight. well, this moment is almost exactly like the other two...I wonder what the odds are, Im putting a thou down...lol we'd be the biggest spoiler in nfl history

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    Cant make the playoffs without alot of help though.

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    Help is not possible. Too many injured players. Still my fingers are crossed. LOL

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    It would be beautiful if they did it from where they are right now. I'll crack up if they make the playoffs.

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    Nope. That ship has sailed.

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    I doubt any team that needed help getting into the playoffs won a super bowl.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roosevelt View Post
    I doubt any team that needed help getting into the playoffs won a super bowl.
    Green Bay in 2010, guess which team helped them?

    Even if we won the SuperBowl, wouldn't change the fact that players are getting old and changes are coming

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    roosevelt, i agree completely thats the point of the thread. like i am as big a homer as there is, im sure u know that by now. even i cant see how we win the sb. but honestly, i felt real bleak at times in 07 and '11 even if id never admit it and just acknowledged it was blind faith at some points. This time right now may be the bleakest, its still eerily like how those other yrs felt,

    wed prob be the least respected sb champ ever, plus itd be back2back lmao, and then next yr sb @ home...man thatd be gloriuous

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    If this happens, I will literally go to your house and give you a big, sloppy kiss!

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    I can't see it. Packers should win but I think the Cowboys and Bears win. The most unfunny thing would be the Cowboys winning the SB.

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