With all the injuries that occurred to this team this year, especially hamstrings, I'd be looking to replace the strength and conditioning coach as well as a few other coaches on staff. There have been too many hamstring injuries, too many sprains, etc. That to mean seems to be a fitness issue. Possibly not enough stretching exercises or workouts. Look at our secondary.....Prince has been out more than he's been in and collects a paycheck for sitting on his butt doing what he's paid to do. Now Canty is questionable for Sundays game and you could add Hoseley to that bunch to. What the hell is going on with this team? Do we have mammy pansies on the team? I thought that when Coughlin came to this team he was going to shake them up and get them to play football. Sure you're going to have some knicks and scrapes but that shouldn't prevent you from going to work and get paid for what you do best and that's to play football! Remember when Lawrence Taylor played with a dislocated shoulder, he had that strap his shoulder in a harnest and went back in and kicked ***.Today's players are soft.....things aren't like they were 20 years ago. This game is getting too soft and the players are turning out to be a bunch of *******.
It's getting to the point that they will be putting players on injured reserve because of a hang nail !!!!