Obviously guys who are underrated might not stay that way by the time the draft gets here in a few months.. But as of today, DEC 29th 2012, who are some guys who seem to be underrated as far as where most have em mocked or ranked as prospects?

Heres some of my guys i think are underrated at this point...

Darius Slay CB Miss St.- Kids got size and speed, and kinda flys under radar playing with Jonathan Banks.. Most got em as a 4th rder, and i could see em going there or moving up, but regardless being a steal for someone with possible starting capabilities.. Solid ball skills as well..

Blaize Foltz G TCU- One of the better G prospects in the country, dosen't get near the attention he deserves.. He strikes me as a Jerry Reese type pick, as he sees undervalued players pretty well.. Foltz has a NFL body and expierence and more then enough talent..

Tanner Hawkinson OT Kansas- A bright spot on a horrible team, Hawkinson was once a perdicted 1st rder , and now u see em as late as 7th rd.. Hes played solidly this yr, and reminds me of last yrs Nate Potter outta Boise St.. I could see him moving up a bit as draft nears or going higher when the draft gets here..

Zac Stacy RB Vanderbilt- Redeye also likes this RB, and i think he'll make a team happy in the latter stages, and i think hes better then a few of the more touted RB prospects this yr.. He had a monster season and for some reason still falls under the radar? Hes just a flat out "FOOTBALL PLAYER"..

Robbie Rouse RB Fresno St- Not much of a bowl game, but this kid can fly and has been very productive for Fresno.. A great change of pace back, in the mold of a lerod stephens-howling..

Chris Jones DT Bowling Green- Flat out playmaker and penetrator at the DT positon.. Would look great next to a run stuffing beast.. If u need to get more pressure from the middle of the DLINE, Chris Jones could be ur guy.. Reminds me of former LSU prospect DT Drake Nevis...

Josh Boyd DT Miss St- THis teams littered with underrated prospects on d-side of ball.. I've liked quite a few of there players coming out lately , and one in paticular, i thought was very underrated was KJ Wright whos playing well with Seattle now.. Anyhow, Boyd has solid size at 6ft 3in 300lbs, and kinda reminds me of a young Rocky Bernard..

AJ Klein ILB Iowa St- Not flashy, but gets the job done.. Leader of a solid defensive unit, and could end up being a starter on a team that covets run stuffers in the middle.. I see some have em as a 6th rder.. I'd be happy with Klein as a early 5th rder, personally..

Bruce Taylor LB Va Tech- heck of a bowl game really turned me on to em.. Could be a 3/4 guy, but thats not the point of this thread.. I think he'll make some one very happy where hes perdicted to be drafted and play much better then his draft stock suggests.

Devonte Holloman LB/S S.Carolina- THis kid out grew S positon, and is a underrated part of the S.CAROLINA stout defense.. He reminds me of a nessecary part of a team.. A guy that does the little things and can be a ST ace as well.. One of my favorite sleeper prospects..

Khalid Wooten CB Nevada- Great size/speed guy, who has some ball skills and some have em not even being drafted.. I'd be more then happy taking a shot on this kid in the 6th-7th rd range...

Brad Sorensen QB Southern Utah- Was a BYU player who transfered.. I watched some tape of him and was amazed at the throws hes capable of making.. Hes a big strong kid as well at 6ft 4in 230plus lbs.. I could see this kid rise with good showing at combine, which i think he'll have..

Alec Lemon WR Syracuse- This kid reminds me of Brian Hartline and i can't get why hes projected so late? I see em as a 4th-5th rd range guy myself..

Marcus Davis WR Va Tech- CBS Sports has em as a 6th rder.. I don't see it.. I think this kids more of a 4th rd type and with any kinda decent 40time, could rise to 3rd rd.. He played with a horrible Logan Thomas, and had he been with a better QB, he'd of put up alot better numbers..

Anyhow, i could write about 15more guys, but i'll stop there for now.. U guys have any one u would like to add to this list or comment on this list?