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    Tank Carradine will likely be our first round pick per his potential

    He is a first round talent but had an acl tare.But he has potential to be a very good weakside de and can be used all across the dline.Sacks the qb and stops run equally well,and has very high athleticism.

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    he has the length and athleticism JR looks for. Dunno how explosive off the LOS he is like in terms of jump off the snap. he made up for it in the clip with his size and athleticism, and i wont claim to be a DE officianado, that just was one thing I noticed.

    When did he tear his ACL? if it was this past season, Id imagine he drops like Bowers did to the 2nd so maybe we could get lucky and get a 1rst round talent in the 2nd round 2 yrs in a row...

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    Nice prospect. I love this kids closing speed after shedding blocks. He appears to have a little dog in him which our defense definately needs( Quoting Antrel Rolle) . He has JPP type athleticism. I can see Jerry Reese grabbing him especially with Osi gone and Tucks inablility to stay on the field. .

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