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    do you think the NYG dropped the ball on releasing Manningham and Jacobs??...they say you never miss something until it's gone...just wondering if it would have made a difference in the offensive scheme...

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    I believe having MM and Jacobs this season would have made a huge impact to our team. The season has been so bad, a spark of some kind was/is needed. I know the cap had to be considered last year. Still those two guys, if they could have stayed healthy may have turned everything around. Maybe it's just wishful hoping on my part.

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    Not really. I think the teams poor play on offense revolved around more than just the 3rd WR and back up RB positions.

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    id say 1000% yes. one of the biggest issues we've had in the games the offense struggled was teams using the NE formula of "make hixon/bennett" beat us. No offense to Hixon, their plan worked.
    With MM, dont see how teams could have used that formula bc it worked well enough to win a SB so...

    but this is all hypothetical really. Suppose we re-sign MM only for him to miss the year to injury like T2...see what I mean, its hindsight, but yes I feel things would be different

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    They're only missing them because they're still trying to run the offense as if they're there.

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    I dunno...Were they gonna play LB? DE? DT? OL? CB?

    If not, no.

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    Jacobs was done and MM was a free agent

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    Could of, should of, would of....can't live in the past; only learn from your mistakes!

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    Hindsight is 20/20. A healthy Brown and a successful Wilson formed a completely perspective at the time. Losing both players had little to do with how the Giants felt about them as personnel. The salary cap is just a reality that has to be dealt with. Can't even call it a mistake. The decision was made by both sides.

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    I wish we could have kept Jacobs. But instead we gave that 500k he wanted to Osi, who has done pretty much nothing with it except get burned on run plays. I would have rather kept Jacobs on the roster and cut Scott, and used him as a 3rd down back... but hindsight is 20/20 as others have mentioned.

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.

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