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    Talking THE HYNOCEROUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    "Once a Giant, ALWAYS, a Giant."

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    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.

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    Love that dance. Hope he keeps it for all his TDs

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    Dude everytime i watch that I just smile.

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    One of the few positives today, finally got our guy his touchdown

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    That was long overdue.... Congrats to Hynoski.

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    yeah but did you get a look at his arms, he has no definition, so he must not have much arm strength. That;s why we didn't make the playoffs.

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    Definitely my highlight for today, nobody deserved it more than him, consummate pro, team player through and through, does all the grunt work. When you add in his backstory, you cant help but smile from ear to ear when he caught that pass

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    Ultimate pro but that is just goofy to be honest. Any team would love him.

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    I was not going to watch the game today I was afraid of another blowout but gald I did that TD made my day even if the Lions didn't.Congrats Hynoski see you next year.

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