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    Fewell's contract

    Is it done? I hope Giants dont extend him... Who is/will be out there in the offseason

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    There was a thread about this posted saying that it was.. but I'm we will know in the coming days.

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    I agree, I personally wouldn't bring Fewell or GIlbride back. Just think we need some fresh blood and fresh ideas in our co-ordinator positions.

    There are co-ordinators that could be grabbed from sacked coaches:

    Romeo Crennal
    Pat Shurmer
    Norv Turner

    All would be willing to take OC or DC jobs.

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    i think Fewell will get a new contract from the Giants! some of his primary players are just too old and not effective!

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    Norv Turner a defensive coordinatior---why?

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    Defense looked terrible, yes we held them to 7 points but we still can't stop any RB or 3rd down conversions.

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    just remember, when bill sheridan stunk as gmen's dc, he got the axe. once coughlin got around to booting him, things got better. kinda like when coughlin finally got rid of matt dodge. just saying.....coughlin does have a history of being loyal to toxic assets.

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    I'd take crennal! I'm watching Jim Haslet bring the heat and wish we had that on our squad.

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    The Lovie Smith situation in Chicago should be interesting. He could make a fine coordinator but I suspect that Fewell is returning. Just a gut feeling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jahh View Post
    There was a thread about this posted saying that it was.. but I'm we will know in the coming days.
    Romeo Crennel is going to be our new DC.........if Mara has the nuts to pull the string

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