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RG3 and the Redskins sealed last night's game on a roughing the passer penalty. Enough said...

Don't mention the only touchdown of the first half for the Cowboys was on a 45 second play clock. Give me a break dude. From a fan of a team who literally got handed a win against Pittsburgh, talking **** about flags is just laughable.

I know you guys really want RG3 to be a fluke, but its not looking that way. He was playing with one leg the past 2 weeks and got the job done. Also keep in mind, its not just him. Its the O Line finally hitting full speed with the Zone Scheme, the Rookie 6th round RB, and much more.

Keep talking **** all you want, but the Giants players are sitting at home, and the Redskins are in the playoffs. I love these Nostradamus posts that people make about RG3. The Read Option has yet to be even close to be contained, and to think he can run it at 75% speed, just imagine next year at full speed.