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One thing for sure after a decade or so of the NFCE remaining mostly stable, the landscape will be drastically changed from this point forward.

I hate and have hated any kind or Run-Option, Wildcat, Wild-Dolphin, etc kind of Offense in the Pro-League the instant it got "introduced."

It seems cheap and phony but let's be real here.

Is it not the job of every HC and his Assistants to gameplan to secure a Win? So if that means tricking you with the QB out on the edge or running the freaking Pistol set to throw, run or option-run, well...

If Reese does his due diligence he recognize the threat RGP represents and begin to acquire pieces to better spy, contain or hit that *******. Also Alfred Morris is no one to sneeze at...

Also Rob Ryan's Defense did improve and most likely only gets better from this point forward.

As to the Eagles, they will be the most radically changed so who knows what they will morph into?

I hear ya, but here's hoping the GIants front office doesn't make the mistake of allowing the moronic media mindset into the draft room by drafting to defend one guy or one team. That's idiotic. Very good teams draft to improve themselves, not to chase the false notion that they need to react to some other team.