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I can see it now... Redskins dont win the bowl: Dan synders checklist
1. Blamed the season on the "poor Receivers" Trade 2014 1st Rounder, 2015 4th Rounder for Sidney Rice. Preceed to extend him for another 5 years. Make him the highest paid WR ever.
2. Now says "we need fast guys" Trade 2014 3rd rounder to Saints for Darren Sproles. Extend him for 3 years $6 mill a year.
3. Extend Adam Carriker for being "A Die hard Redskin". 4 years at $4.5 Mill a year.
4. Says they need a "Pass rush" Trades Ryan Kerrigan, 2015 1st Rounder and 5th to Colts for Dwight Freeney. Extends him an extra two years which makes another $10 mill a year.
5. Cuts Fletcher, Deangelo Hall and Moss "In with new , out with the old to free Cap space"
6. Trade Cousins to Cardinals for a 2014 5th rounder "Need to recoup some picks he says"
7. Sign Vick to a 3 year $7 Mill a year to back up RG3.
Thats Synders 7 point plan. To be the "Ultimate Team"
We can hope. I think the main reason the Skins are now relevant is because Snyder must have agreed to stay completely out of football operations. I can't imagine any respected pro taking the job under any other circumstances, I'm sure Shanahan didn't when he agreed to rebuild that team.