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People said Tebow was the future of the NFL? I missed that, he had a few staunch defenders and the media loved him but he was mainly viewed as a QB with a terrible arm and played like it.

Cam or #1 "Superman" was extremely overhyped by the media and finished 6-10 last year. Carolina improved upon their record this year. I suppose he's so good in fantasy football and Madden that some people tend to overlook his flaws.

RGIII was named captain and then the team went on to with 7 straight games ALL of which were "must wins" to get into the playoffs. I get the hype with RGIII but not the others. You can't really knock a guy who accomplished what he did as a rookie. With that said if I was GM I'd draft Luck, I see him having a longer less injury prone career. I'm a huge fan of mobile QBs because of durability issues.
Luck is more of a pocket passer than Griffin is but he's no statue... he scrambles every game. I'm a Luck fan and I was on the "Suck for Luck" wagon last year but we surprisingly went on to win a Superbowl.