HBO and Brewery Ommegang have partnered up and are going to release 4 GoT inspired brews. Ommegang is a great microbrewery from Cooperstown, NY (now owned by Duvel) and are well known and respected for their well crafted Belgian and abbey styled brews, so fear not beer aficionados, these are going to be some damned good beers.

The first beer that they are set to release (sometime in March) is called Iron Throne and is a blonde ale inspired by House Lannister as they currently sit atop the Iron Throne.

If I were to guess about other brews, I'd think that there could be a Winterfell Stout or Barleywine Ale, a Wildling Hefeweizen (unfiltered), an Iron Isle IPA or ESB, maybe even an Oldtown Abbey Ale (dubbel or tripel), or a Highgarden Summer Ale flavored with orange and/or lemon with a hint of clove...

It could be a nice game guessing what the beers might be.

Here's the link:!press_releases?id=24