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    Touching Sandy Hook Elementary-Giants Videos

    For those unaware, the Giants honored the community of Sandy Hook Elementary School by hosting 400 students, parents, teachers, and faculty from Newtown, Connecticut.

    I found these great videos on YouTube, which to me, were really touching. The kids got to shake the players' hands as they came onto the field. They also got to shake the Eagles players' hands. This was one of the greatest things I've ever seen the Giants do, and it's great to see how happy it made some of the kids.


    This next video is a parent's documentary of the day, and it was great to see how happy it made everyone. The Giants provided transportation to and from Newtown, tons of Giants memorabilia, free club seats for the day, and breakfast & lunch.


    It also made me happy to the see the crowd in attendance give Sandy Hook a standing ovation when they were announced over the stadium. Classy classy move by the Giants. This just brought a smile to my face and made me really proud to be a fan of an organization that does great things like this.

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    I'm just happy our players showed up Sunday for the families.

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    Who's showing up tonight BLUE! I miss going to the games already.

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    Also great to see Martellus Bennett hugging & take pictures with the kids.

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