Just ask yourself this... since he's been vying (for years, and that is well documented) for a head coaching position than why has not a single team offered him a job? Coordinators are free game every single year. The Gilbride enthusiasts always bring up the point he's won two super bowls. So if he's so accomplished why does he not appeal to any football team in the collegiate or NFL level.

Gilbride supporters also bring up that our offense is generally always tops in the league... blah blah blah

Don't you think with a top QB in Eli and the superior talent surrounding him that we should always have top offense no matter who the OC is?

Gilbride is a good to average OC. He's nothing more, nothing less and we can absolutely do better and also do worse.

I'd love the opportunity to allow someone to do better.

He's here for at least another season so this is the last Gilbride topic I will make, scouts honor ... and we can win despite him.