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    Draft what at 19

    Go on the record
    Not who, but what position will JR draft at 19? Record your choice and gloat over the rest of us when it happens you were right

    Mine: DE

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    Ill go with DE too.

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    I'd be shocked if it's not a DE. With Osi leaving and Tuck potentially being cut, there is a clear void.

    Meanwhile Reese won't take an OL until the middle of the draft, and it will just be a project player.

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    I think we have 3 DE's on this team next year that can play, Kiwi, Tuck and JPP with some young guys that can fill in a rep or two during the games. I think we absolutely need to go LB or OL in the 1st round..

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    I think OL is the most pressing need area at this point. If there is a lineman available at that slot that is towards the top of the teams list, I think they take him. Really depends on who is available and how the Giants have them all rated.

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    what I have learned over the years is that the Giants never ever draft what we on this board expect them to...

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    OL definitely, MLB if OL looks weak; so we'll draft a WR

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    I was watching Pro Football Talk yesterday and Peter King feels there will be more trading down out of the top 10 this year than any other because most of the teams there need QBs, and there are NO top 10 QBs in the draft. Could be interesting around draft time.

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    DE would never shock me. But biggest need in the first round, IMO, is CB or LB.

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    We need to draft OL, OL, and more OL. At the very least, a starting right tackle, 2 guards (one of which needs to start at LG), and a starting center... Oh and a CB for depth...

    I think we need to see what we have in Ojomo and Tracy before spending a first-rounder on a DE. Plus if we can somehow lure away the Unicorn's brother (as said Unicorn wants to do), we'd be all set at DE...
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